Q: Do you sell alcohol?

No, we do not sell alcohol of any kind. We simply serve the alcohol that has already been purchased by the host of the party.

Q: Are you equipped to serve tap beer?

Yes! We have space for 2 quarter kegs of your choice.

Q: Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we carry liquor liability insurance to each event we serve.

Q: Where do you travel to?

We currently serve Ocean and Monmouth counties.

Q: How much does it cost?

Every event is different. Price is based on guest count, bar menu and duration of the event.  Contact us to get a quote for your event.

Q: What are the dimensions of the bar?

Our bar is 8 ft wide x 8 ft high x 15 feet long (not including the hitch)

Q: Are there any requirements for service?

Our mobile requires flat ground for setup and service, and clear access upon set-up and break down to enter and leave the location. We begin setup 2-3 hours before the scheduled start time. We can serve on private property.

Q: Do you recommend a liquor store to purchase supplies for my event?

Yes, we are connected with several liquor stores in the area and would be happy to connect you for your purchase.

Q: Do you service parties without alcohol?

Absolutely, we are happy to provide our mobile bar for any type of event and provide a non-alcoholic beverage menu ranging from sodas, iced-teas and coffee, milkshakes, and more.

Q: Can I rent the caravan for a photo shoot?

Yes! We’re happy to bring Cocktail Caravan to you for a stylized shoot.

Q: Are servers, bar decor, and beverage menu available without the caravan?

Yes, we are happy to amend our rate to reflect service and supplies without the caravan rental.

Q: Do you have a Rain Date Policy?

We cannot accommodate rain dates for your event due to our advance bookings. The host is responsible for tent cover of the caravan in the event of inclement weather. We are happy to work with your tent vendor to find the appropriate size.

Q: Are your bartenders trained?

Yes! The Cocktail Caravan team is made up of certified bartenders with the ServSafe Alcohol Certification. Need help making a signature cocktail for the event? Choose from our list of hand crafted cocktails to serve your guests (coming soon!)